You believe your partner has an anger problem

Dr. Nay is an expert on anger management. Most significantly, he provides advice about recognizing destructive dynamics and breaking dysfunctional patterns.

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Some of you are looking at this site as a way of stopping the insanity or at least the intensity of someone you love who acts angry in ways that are upsetting to you—in ways that rob the relationship of the peace and intimacy you so desire. When someone you love is angry your entire life can begin to revolve around this partner’s anger. This website is designed to help you assess your relationship and to decide if it is worthwhile to seek some new ideas or strategies. If you decide that you need a fresh perspective, help in finding resources and ideas for changing your behavior will also be offered.

  • Are you happy with how you react to his or her anger?
  • Does the anger seem to be improving or getting worse?
  • What price are you paying in altering your life and happiness by letting this anger situation continue as it is?
  • Do you want things to change?

Consider hiring Dr. Nay as your personal anger coach. You can have telephone sessions at a time convenient as he guides you through what your options are for living and coping with an angry partner. Click on Anger Coaching to learn more about how it works.

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