Taking Charge Of Anger

How to Resolve Conflict, Sustain Relationships, and Express Yourself without Losing Control

Taking Charge Of AngerIs anger getting the better of you?

If anger is starting to rule your life, or someone else has urged you to “get a grip—or else,” anger expert Dr. Robert Nay has a six-step plan that can help you regain control, even in the most stressful, hot-button situations.

This proven program shows you how to stand up for yourself without losing your temper. Put a lid on destructive anger once and for all with fine-tuned strategies that help you:

  • 1 Figure out which of the five “faces of anger” are a problem for you, from passive-aggression to all-out rage.
  • 2 Recognize the early warning signs of anger in your physical sensations and thoughts.
  • 3 Identify and change unrealistic expectations you have for yourself and other people.
  • 4 Communicate effectively when differences arise—with your spouse, family members, colleagues, or others.
  • 5 Practice anger-management skills alone and in public until they’re second nature.

Price: $16.95

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Taking charge of your anger is a journey,’ Robert Nay observes. Your patients who have problems with anger control and aggression could not do better than to take this journey by reading this practical, engaging, user-friendly guide. It blends instructive anecdotes and case material with self-help suggestions that are based on empirically validated procedures. Strongly recommended!

Donald Meichenbaum, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo; Research Director, The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment of Victims of Violence, Miami, FL

“Rarely does one find outstanding scholarship and clinical wisdom wedded in one book. Such is the case in Dr. W. Robert Nay’s exciting text. The writing style is highly engaging and the text is filled with numerous relevant examples. This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to learn to utilize anger reactions more effectively, whether in personal relationships or the
work world. It is a self-help goldmine from a very wise individual who is also a scholarly expert in the anger control field.

James P. McCullough, Jr., PhD, Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Nay presents clear, effective, and nonjudgmental road maps for identifying and gaining control of anger. He is a skilled clinician whose work is comprehensive, and helpful. Following this program is likely to help you improve your communication and closeness with the important people in your life.

Stephen Winter, President, American Healthcare Institute
If anger is a problem for you, Dr. Nay offers a step-by-step, practical model for what sets off your anger, what happens once you ‘lose it,’ and how you can gain control. With control, anger will no longer have a negative impact on your personal, social, or work relationships. I can attest to Dr. Nay’s abilities as a teacher and trainer. Now he brings his expertise directly to readers in this excellent book.

Larry B. Silver, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Georgetown University Medical Center
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